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Kentucky News

KY Community Groups Push Back on Energy Rate Hikes

Mar 05, 2021
FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Community groups are banding together to push back against increasingly frequent rate hikes proposed by Kentucky utility companies. Each year, the Kentucky Public Service Commission receives hundreds of applications to change rates and services. ...(Read More)

Spotlighting Medicaid's Role in Keeping KY Communities Healthy

Mar 02, 2021
CORBIN, Ky. -- Insulin medication, cystic-fibrosis treatment and wisdom-tooth removal are just a few of the healthcare needs of Appalachian residents met by Medicaid. Individual cases are featured in a series of video stories on appalachiansformedicaid.org, a website that examines how the program has saved lives. ...(Read More)

Should Kids 12 and Under Be Brought Before a Judge?

Mar 01, 2021
FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Kentucky kids as young as five or six can legally end up in juvenile court because the state currently lacks a minimum age threshold, but new legislation would ban kids 12 and younger from being tried before a judge and prioritize community-based, age-appropriate solutions. More than 2,000 children younger than 10 were arrested in 2019 nationwide, according to data from the National Juvenile Justice Network. ...(Read More)

COVID Crisis Puts Spotlight on Home-Based Child Care

Feb 22, 2021
FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Community advocates say home-based family child care could play a major role in closing gaps in access across Kentucky during the pandemic and beyond, but current zoning creates obstacles for individuals interested in opening licensed and regulated home child-care centers. In a recent survey conducted by Kentucky Youth Advocates, one in four current family child-care providers said local zoning protocols were a major barrier. ...(Read More)

Farmers Voice Support for Bill Tackling Monopoly Power

Feb 19, 2021
LEXINGTON, Ky. - Decades of unchecked mergers in the agricultural industry have left many farmers struggling, and rural advocacy groups says a proposal in Congress aims to change that. The "Competition and Antitrust Law Enforcement Reform Act" would give agencies like the Federal Trade Commission more funding and resources to put a stop to unfair consolidation, and strengthen the rules against monopolies. ...(Read More)

Medical-Aid-in-Dying Bill Puts Spotlight on Terminally Ill Kentuckians

Feb 16, 2021
FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Medical-aid-in-dying laws that allow terminally ill individuals to end their lives peacefully using medication have passed in at least ten states, and Kentucky lawmakers are now considering similar legislation. Rep. ...(Read More)

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